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Need help filtering dust from your project?  Need more visibility for your blasters to improve efficiency?  Working on a lead project and requirements state you need MERV 16/HEPA filters?

Industrial dust collection systems are used in most industries to filter out unwanted dust, dirt, gas, debris, and other hazardous substances. Benefits of dust removal equipment include, but are not limited to: better visibility and efficiency of your workforce, providing clean and safe environments for workers, and handling challenging particulate matter on your jobsite.

Regardless of the industry, location, and electrical power constraints, we have a dust collector that can provide the performance to increase your bottom line while protecting your workers.

2,000 CFM – 60,000 CFM | Electric and Diesel Options Available 

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By using a dust collector, you are pulling out the dust that’s in the air during your operation before it has a chance to settle in your space. This allows for better visibility for your workers which always results in more efficiency and less re-work. These two factors alone always result in a better bottom line for your company.


With worker safety being the most important aspect of your operation, dust collectors are able to filter out contaminants (such as crystalline silica dust, beryllium dust, lead, and other fine hazardous inhalants) and prevent your workers from constantly breathing in these damaging materials. Dust Collectors are also able to be outfitted with HEPA filters to add an extra layer of dust filtration if required.


Dust Collectors are used in various industries, from sandblasting, woodwork, foundries to concrete operations to name a few. With this in mind, our Dust Collectors range from 2,000CFM to 60,000CFM and in electric and diesel powered options. They are easily movable to allow you the flexibility needed to complete any dust collection task at hand regardless of the location.

Choosing the Right Industrial Dust CollectorWhat do you need to consider for your next project?

Types of Dust

When choosing the right industrial dust collector, it is important to consider the characteristics of the dust that you are collecting. Particle size, a key characteristic, ranges from ultra-fine to coarse which influences the type of dust collector you choose. Another characteristic to consider is the abrasiveness of the dust because it has the potential to damage parts of the dust collector. Lastly, dust can become sticky working in a humid environment, so consider the type of dust collector you use and the methods of collection.

How Quickly is Dust Being Generated?

To determine the appropriate size industrial dust collector for your application, assess factors which affect the rate of dust production in your environment. The amount of space you have and the number of machines producing dust will affect the capacity needed for a dust collector.

What Environment are You Working In?

Dust collectors can be placed indoors or outdoors, however it is important to consider the limitations of your space if working indoors. It is also essential to consider the ductwork needed for installation. Considering environmental factors is essential to ensuring you have the necessary layout for operations.

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