At MES, our core values drive our business. Every team member honors and implements these values, setting MES apart from the rest.


MES is committed to ensuring our customers have a nationwide source for reliable equipment, quality consumable supplies, and 24/7 technical service from a dedicated team that is ready to support at a moment’s notice with unrivaled speed, loyalty, and integrity.


We value relationships over all else. We look at the big picture, not for nickel & dimes. We are indebted to employees & customers who help build MES, past & future. We manage by values not financials. We depend on others as they depend on us. We will always support those who support us. We will always be dependable.

Loyalty increases our stability.


We are unconventional. We don’t micromanage. We think outside the box with unrivaled speed. We respond fast. We are nimble. We are 24/7. We are always adapting. We test new ideas. We listen & adjust. We quickly learn from our mistakes. We are responsible for our own success. Breaking the norms is necessary & required.

Agility dictates our longevity.


We are honest & transparent. We own up to our mistakes. We tackle hard conversations with courtesy.We hold each other accountable. We aim to always do the right thing. Honesty & character is valued over everything else. Our word is the most important thing we have. We must always be truthful, regardless of the outcome.

Integrity gives us responsibility.


Going above & beyond is the only way. For Employees. For Customers. For anyone who needs our help. Service sets us apart. No task is too big or too small. Great isn’t good enough, we must be excellent in how we serve. Service is our main value proposition. Standards are meant to be raised. We don’t just say 24/7, we live it.

Service sets us apart.


We are dedicated to our employees. We build them up. We give opportunities. We give praise. We strive for progress, not perfection. We are dedicated to execution & success. For our customers to succeed, our employees must succeed. Never give up. Always stay committed to helping others. Borderless collegiality is required.

Dedication always wins.