When it comes to controlling the flow of abrasive materials in your blasting operations, MES offers a comprehensive selection of blast valves to meet your every requirement. Our range includes metering valves, combo valves, and pinch valves, ensuring you have the right valve for your specific application.

Key Features:

  • Metering Valves: These valves provide precise control over the flow rate of abrasive materials, allowing for accurate and consistent blasting results.
  • Combo Valves: Offering versatility and convenience, combo valves combine multiple functions in one, simplifying your blasting setup.
  • Pinch Valves: Pinch valves are designed to control the flow of abrasive materials by pinching a flexible tube, making them highly effective and reliable in abrasive environments.

At MES, we understand that precise control is crucial for successful abrasive blasting. Our blast valves are engineered for durability and performance, ensuring you can achieve the results you desire. Trust MES for quality blast valves that elevate the efficiency and precision of your blasting operations.

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