MES has a large inventory of industrial dehumidifier rental units available, including the Arid-Dry 15,000 CFM dehumidifier.

The 15,000 CFM Arid-Dry model from Controlled Dehumidification IMS is a portable industrial dehumidifier that’s designed for power and reliability. This machine works by producing dry discharge air with extremely low relative humidity to help control moisture in the areas being treated.

Key Features:

  • Air Handling: Achieving a maximum air volume of 17,500 cubic feet per minute (CFM), the Arid-Dry 15,000 CFM model ensures efficient moisture extraction from industrial spaces.
  • Dimensions: Built to handle substantial industrial demands, this dehumidifier measures 221 inches in length, 88 inches in width, and 101 inches in height, providing comprehensive moisture management within large-scale industrial environments.
  • Sturdy and Portable: Weighing in at 12,500 pounds, this dehumidifier is skid-mounted with a lifting cage, ensuring both stability and portability.
  • Advanced Moisture Removal Technology: Equipped with a desiccant wheel and heater banks, this dehumidifier incorporates advanced technology to effectively remove moisture from the air, ensuring consistent and reliable performance in maintaining optimal environmental conditions.

MES has industrial dehumidifiers available coast-to-coast.

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