From better visibility, reduced logistics costs, to a 20% reduction in labor hours and a better blasting profile, steel grit recycling is the preferred method of blasting for almost all applications.

The VB1200 is a high productivity blast and recovery system that has the capabilities to use a wide range of abrasive media to remove coatings and corrosion. Its heavy duty construction and high quality components make the VB1200 Dual Outlet is ideal for bridges and roads, barges and ships, rail car facilities, and many other steel and concrete cleaning applications.

For smaller, less demanding projects check out the standard Schmidt BRS system.


  • Two Outlet Capacity
  • On-Board Jet-Vacs and Classifier
  • 32 CF Storage Capacity
  • Vacuum Blasting Options
  • 3 Outlet / 70 CF Storage Capacity Also Available (VB2400)