6-Man ARS Trailer

The 6-Man ARS Trailer Unit is currently out of stock.

Our 6-Man ARS is a 2014 model, with the LARGEST blower ARS will put on a S6, along with certified lifting eyes and only 4700 hours! This unit boasts unparalleled efficiency and power. This unit has undergone a thorough refurbishment, including the installation of new after coolers and various other new and rebuilt components, guaranteeing top-notch performance and reliability. The only thing it needs is new paint! This unit is located at our San Diego CA Branch and is certified DOT Roadworthy!

This particular unit is the LARGE Blower version and will out perform any other similar style of unit on the market!

Key Features:

• Impressive Power & Efficiency: Equipped with 6 nozzles to tackle your toughest preservation tasks

Completely Refurbished: New After Coolers & Other New/Rebuilt Items.

Job Site Ready: Located in San Diego, CA it stands ready to elevate your productivity to new heights.

Exceptional Value: Priced at just $325,000 from it’s original listed price of $345,000, this unit offers outstanding value for its capabilities and condition. Brand new you would pay over $600K for this unit and have a several month lead time!

Additional thought: For roughly $100K, you could also convert this unit to a diesel unit, well below the current price tag of a new ARS unit!