Single Outlet Amphiblast with 400CFM Aftercooler

On Sale Now: Single Outlet Amphiblast with 400 CFM Aftercooler!

BRAND NEW Custom 3.5 CF Single Outlet Amphiblast Unit with built-in 400 CFM Aftercooler by Axxiom Schmidt

Boost efficiency and versatility in your industrial blasting operations with the all-new, custom 3.5 CF Single Outlet Amphiblast Unit by Axxiom Schmidt. This industrial-grade blast equipment features a powerful, built-in 400 CFM Aftercooler that removes moisture from your lines, ensuring cleaner, more consistent blasting results.

Reduce Downtime and Amphiblast Material Waste:

  • Effortless Mode Switching: The Amphiblast’s central control panel allows for seamless switching between blasting modes, including a lower air pressure setting for Softwash™ applications and efficient blow-off functions.
  • Precision Blasting Control: Fine-tune controls for air, abrasive, and water flow guarantee optimal performance while minimizing abrasive and water usage compared to traditional blasting equipment.
  • Intelligent Memory Settings: Unlike competitors’ models, this Amphiblast remembers your settings, eliminating the need for readjustment when switching modes, saving you valuable time and minimizing material waste.

Experience Measurable Cost Savings:

  • Reduced Abrasive Consumption: Optimized blasting processes significantly reduce abrasive material consumption compared to traditional equipment.
  • Lower Water Usage: Achieve exceptional blasting results while minimizing water use for a more environmentally friendly operation.

Invest in the Amphiblast and see the ROI. Demos are available upon request of similar units!

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