MES is your trusted source for a comprehensive range of industrial sheeting and essential materials. Our product lineup includes Herculite, Visqueen, Neoprene Rubber, Blast Curtains, and Debris Netting, all meticulously selected to meet the diverse needs of your projects.

Herculite – Known for its durability and transparency, Herculite offers a versatile solution for creating protective barriers, partitions, and enclosures while maintaining visibility.

Visqueen – A go-to choice for moisture and vapor control, Visqueen is ideal for sealing off construction sites, safeguarding surfaces, and maintaining a controlled environment.

Neoprene Rubber – With its exceptional resistance to chemicals, oils, and extreme temperatures, Neoprene Rubber is a robust material for gaskets, seals, and protective linings.

Blast Curtains – Designed to mitigate the impact of blasts and explosions, our blast curtains provide critical safety measures in industrial settings.

Debris Netting – Keep your work areas safe and clean with debris netting, preventing falling debris and enhancing job site security.

At MES, we understand the importance of quality materials in achieving project success. Count on us for reliable sheeting and more, tailored to your specific requirements, and take your industrial solutions to the next level

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