When it comes to safeguarding your workers in abrasive blasting environments, MES leads the way with a comprehensive selection of blast hoods and related accessories. Our range includes top-tier products from industry-leading brands such as MSA, RPB, Bullard, Clemco, and more.

Blast Hoods: Our blast hoods are engineered to shield operators from abrasive particles, providing exceptional protection without compromising visibility. With a focus on comfort and safety, these hoods are designed for long-lasting performance in the harshest conditions.

Breathing Tubes and Lines: Breathe easy with our high-quality breathing tubes and lines, ensuring a continuous supply of clean, breathable air while working in abrasive blasting environments.

Lenses: Crystal-clear vision is paramount during blasting operations. Our lenses are designed to provide optimum visibility, allowing operators to maintain precision and efficiency.

Climate Control Tubes: Maintain a comfortable working environment even in extreme conditions with our climate control tubes, offering temperature regulation to keep workers productive.

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