The Schmidt AmphiBlast™ is the most versatile and efficient wet and dry blasting machine on the market today!

With the flip of a switch contractors can easily switch between wet and dry blasting. This vapor blasting machine features innovative moisture injection technology for easy-to-use and highly productive wet/dry blasting.

Featuring the Schmidt Thompson®  Valve II, the Schmidt AmphiBlast is easily able to meter a wide range of coarse or fine blasting abrasives. The patent-pending water flow control process allows operators to quickly set and adjust wet blast flow parameters to suit their specific project needs. Operators are able to precisely control the grit, water and air flow locks for optimal blasting performance for efficient grit and water consumption.

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  • 45 CF to 160 CF Blast Pot Available
  • 2-4 Outlet Capacity
  • Capable of Both Wet and Dry Blast
  • All Normal Bulk Pot Features
  • Custom Made Units Specifically for You!