This wet blasting machine from Greener Blast Technologies (GBT) creates a nearly dust-free work environment!

The Greener Blast wet blaster is ideal for commercial blasters, shipyards, industrial areas, residential areas and more.

For best results mix Garnet abrasive with water inside the pressure vessel of the wet blaster. As a clean product, Garnet is safe for use and disposal. Using Garnet, the Greener Blast wet blaster uses a fraction of the abrasive (100 – 200 lbs./hour) when compared to traditional methods of dry blasting, making it a much “greener” blast machine. With a #8 nozzle, the GBT Greener Blast consumes 150 – 200 lbs. of Garnet abrasive/hour (1 -2 lbs./square foot) and removes 20 mils (+/-) of coating.


  • 7.6 – 12 CF Custom Blast Pot
  • Single or Dual Outlet Capability
  • 100 Gallon On-Board Water Tank
  • 31’’ L | 78’’ W | 55” H
  • Water and Abrasive Mix Inside Blast Pot