The Schmidt AmphiBlast™ is the most versatile and efficient wet and dry blasting machine on the market today!

The Schmidt AmphiBlast™ introduces water at the valve level, enabling the utilization of any abrasive typically used in a dry pot, enhancing flexibility in abrasive choice. Featuring innovative moisture injection technology and a single outlet system, this blasting machine is easy-to-use and is highly productive for wet/dry blasting.

Operators are also able to precisely control the grit, water, and air flow locks for efficient grit and water consumption. Optimal flow parameters allow for additional blasting productivity when switching between standard blasting settings and lower air pressure. This means softwash and blowoff is quick, easy and consistent.

Finally, the patent-pending water flow control process allows operators to quickly set and adjust wet blast flow parameters to suit their specific project needs.

Key Features:

  • Wet and Dry Blast Capabilities: Offering the unique capability to perform both wet and dry blasting, providing contractors with versatile options for different project needs without the need for separate equipment.
  • 6.5 Blast Pot: Equipped with a sizable 6.5 blast pot, offering ample capacity for efficient abrasive containment and prolonged operation without frequent refills, ensuring uninterrupted blasting processes.
  • Dual Outlet Capability: Featuring dual outlet capability, enabling enhanced flexibility and options for directing abrasive flow, optimizing blasting precision and coverage as per project requirements.
  • 165 Gallon On-Board Water Tank: The 165-gallon on-board water tank provides an ample water supply for wet blasting operations, ensuring prolonged and uninterrupted workflow.
  • Compact Dimensions: With dimensions measuring 87’’ in length, 38’’ in width, and 68” in height, this blasting system strikes the ideal balance between portability and capacity, fitting into various work environments without compromising on performance.
  • Schmidt Thompson®  Valve II: The Schmidt Thompson®  Valve II makes it easy to meter a wide range of coarse or fine blasting abrasives.

The Schmidt AmphiBlast™ is the top choice for blasting efficiency by offering contractors a dynamic solution that integrates wet and dry blasting capabilities into one blaster. This advanced system sets new standards in adaptability and productivity, meeting diverse project requirements with ease.

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